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I haven't got a name for this piece, I'm not sure if I ever will. But it represents the hypocrisy and danger tied to the censorship of certain people's bodies. It makes no sense to normalise a man's nipples but to censor anything but his. To sexualise one person's body while ignoring another person for showing the same thing is the peak of hypocrisy and ignorance. Doing this removes all the things that make that person a human being. They're objectified. It's equivalent to censoring everything but their breasts and identifying them just by that. That's what this piece is highlighting.

High Quality Archival Giclée Print.
Paper: Fabriano Tiepolo. Slightly off white - 290 gsm.
Size: 24 x 37 cm. This isn't a natural size so it won't fit into a standard frame. It's slightly similar to an A3 sized piece.
There's also an option for an A5 sized print!

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